A Notice of Correction is a note that can be added to your report where for example, a default or IVA were as a result of a major incident in your life (losing your job, health problems etc).

Credit reference agencies are unable to remove data from your credit report if the data is accurate. However, a Notice of Correction provides you with an opportunity to explain to lenders why your credit history may be damaged.

You can raise a Notice of Correction by raising a dispute on the appropriate section of your credit report or by emailing Callcredit (consumer@callcreditgroup.com). Please note that the Notice of Correction must not exceed 200 words and cannot refer to third parties by name, apportion blame or be deemed defamatory, frivolous, scandalous or un-punishable for any other reason.

If you choose to remove or amend a Notice of Correction, you can do so by emailing Callcredit consumer@callcreditgroup.com