Access to your credit score and report is not guaranteed. You might have a thin credit file, which can mean that there is too little information on your credit file for Callcredit to validate your identity. This can also present you with some challenges when you apply for credit.Some other the reasons you may not be able to sign up include:

  • You’re not on the electoral roll, get on the register
  • You’ve not applied for credit in the past
  • You’ve recently changed your name
  • We are unable to verify that you are who you say you are. 

It’s important that only you can access your credit score and report, because it contains lots of personal and important information. If we can’t automatically verify and validate your identity, we’re unable to give you access to your report.

Please be reassured that this is not a reflection of your ability to obtain credit and will not impact upon any future application for credit.