When completing the authentication process for access to your credit report, you will have received one of the following in-product messages to indicate why you have not received access:

  • Thin File
    This means there is currently not enough credit history information held in your Callcredit file for us to produce a credit report. You can find out more about how to build your credit history in our guides.

  • Not Found
    If you have not been found by Callcredit, this does not necessarily mean you do not have enough credit history or that you have poor credit history. This simply means that with the details you have provided, Callcredit have been unable to accurately match you to a credit file. Check over the details you have entered and make sure all financial accounts are up to date.

  • Failed
    If you have failed the authentication process then unfortunately we have been unable to provide you with your credit report. As per Callcredit policy, we are only able to provide customers with two attempts to access their credit file data, after which they will be unable to access their data through our service or receive a TotallyMoney credit report.